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  Набор бортпроводников в компанию Emirates Airline в Дубае (ОАЭ). (Cabin Crew)

Прием документов до 22 октября 2019 года 10.00 часов

                                                    К собеседованию приглашаются только предварительно отобранные соискатели.



For one of the top Airlines in UAE with so many diversified businesses tie ups to so many local and foreign big companies is in need of Cabin Crew from Kyrgyzstan as a flying role supporting the maintenance of the First Class Cabin on the biggest fleet for urgent requirement.  This will be a face to face interview in Kyrgyzstan on October 2019

The requirement and terms of employment are as follow:



Monthly Basic Salary

Approximate Monthly flying allowance (based on average of 100 flying hours p.m)

Total In AED

Cabin Crew


AED 4260

AED 61 P. hr

AED 9770







Strict qualifications:

  • Age 20 years old above, below 30
  • Fluent in English (Speaking & Writing)
  • with high school diploma (or equivalent) and at least two years’ customer service experience with an airline or a major hotel
  • Experience from additional customer service areas is also considered
  • Aesthetically presentable with weight in relation to height) as they will be wearing uniform and representing the company brand on board.



Contract Period            : Three (3) Years

Probation Period           : 6 months

Work Place                    : Dubai UAE  

Joining Ticket               : Provided by the employer

Accommodation            : Provided by the employer

Transportation             : Provided by the employer

Duty Meals                    : Layover allowance provided by the employer                    

Bonus                             : Available according to the company policy

Overtime                       : Available in line with company policy and the GCAA

Annual Leave Tickets: Provided annually

Annual Leave               : 30 days per year

Working Time            : Variable average monthly roster of approximately 100 flying hours but not exceeding 130 hours per month.  Flying hours are in line with UAE labor law and in accordance with regulations of the GCAA

Medical Insurance          : Provided by the employer according to UAE labor law

Life Insurance                 : Provided by the employer according to UAE labor law

Other terms & conditions: As per UAE labor law



Необходимые документы:

1.Цветная ксерокопия заграничного паспорта;

2.Фотография 3,5 X 4,5 см - 1 шт. (также в электронном виде);

3.Фотография 10 X 15 см в полный рост – 1 шт. (также в электронном виде);

4.Заполненная анкета установленной формы (ниже можно скачать  АНКЕТУ) также в электронном виде;

5. Резюме на английском языке в свободной форме;



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